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18 Απριλίου, 2019

Will the EU elections shake the “European project”?

an article from Sonja Grusch, from SLP the sister organisation of NEDA in Austria and the section of CWI in Austria

  • Is it a choice between nationalism and Europe? Between the far-right and democratic rights? Or is there more?

All over Europe, politicians and parties have started their campaigns for the European Parliament elections in May. Opinion polls point to an end of the “grand coalition” between the EPP (European People’s Party) and the S&D parliamentary fractions. Especially the latter are worried about the elections, which could see them lose further support and drop to historically low levels in the polls. This could lead to crises in ruling parties and/or governments in various European countries. 

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27 Ιανουαρίου, 2017

ABD: Kaos ve Mücadele Dönemi

 Philip Locker ve Tom Crean

 Trump’a karşı kitlesel direnişe ve %99’un yeni partisine ihtiyacımız var     

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