29th Camping Antinazizone-YRE 2022

Every year NEDA participates in the Antinazizone – YRE camp that is organised in Greece.

The Antinazizone-YRE summer camp is an annual event which brings together comrades and activists in a 9-day sea-side festival. Discussions, concerts, screenings, expeditions, parties, collective organization of “everyday life” are all included. The idea behind the event is to combine discussions on political and social issues with leisure. The Antinazizone-YRE summer camp is being organized for 29 consecutive years now and each year attracts between 300 and 500 people, depending on conditions. From the movements’ point of view, it is a place where people of all generations meet, discuss about the struggles they are involved in, about what kind of society they want to build, and how to best organize working class, youth and other social struggles. 

This year’s event will take place on the island of Kefallonia, at Camping Argostoli, from Friday July 29 to Sunday August 7. 

The summer camp includes:

Discussions around current issues such as: The fight against war and for internationalist solidarity, environment and the climate crisis, feminism and LGBTQI+ liberation, workers’ and youth struggles and strikes, struggles of the oppressed peoples worldwide, the battle against the far-right and the neo-nazis, and much much more. There will also be discussions on theoretical and historical issues.
Every night concerts, parties and events with all kinds of music by artists who are part of the movements and support Antinazizone’s struggle.
Self-managed bar and kitchen. Years of experience and experimentation have made it possible for us to be able to provide food to cover everyone’s needs. Breakfast, brunch, meals, sandwiches, souvlakia, meze, ect are prepared around the clock in the kitchen. The bar is also fully equipped. The prices are kept low so that everyone has access. There are shifts organized on a voluntary basis. The camp even runs its own currency!
Everyday screenings of films, documentaries and movies for children.
Workshops in the evenings run by anyone who wants to teach a craft, from dancing to first aid.
Everyday events for children, so they can interact and play collectively.
Excursions around the beautiful Kefallonia island.

Join us!

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