Who we are

NEDA is a revolutionary socialist organisation in Cyprus, having members in both sides of the divide.

The stalemate in the national question is an outcome of the conflicting interests of the capitalists, now expressed through the conflict around the natural gas extractions, that can only bring more austerity, division and war.

We believe that only the united struggles of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot working people and youth together with other ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants living on the island, connecting their struggle internationally can bring a solution to the national question.

In both sides of the divide, working people and youth are facing with austerity, privatisation and dissolution of the welfare state. The environment has been under attack through the neoliberal measures of the governments.

Last year, a lot of our forces were given to stop the impact of mining, through the Initiative against gold extraction, while we intervened in the struggle against climate change. We participated in the activities against sexism and the sexist femicides in the south, against fascism and the rise of the far right.

NEDA is part of the World Socialist Alternative – CWI, a Revolutionary Socialist International, with sections and members in 36 countries in the world. Some of the resent successes of our International, was the re-election of Kshama Sarwant, the first Socialist council member in Seattle, the legalisation of abortion in southern Ireland, and the very impressive interventions in countries where state oppression is showing their real face, like Hong Kong, Russia, Greece and Israel/Palestine.

NEDA is aiming at building a new mass left force, based on a socialist programme that will unite the working people all over Cyprus in the fight against nationalism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, and the destruction of the environment. NEDA aims at connecting and uniting these struggles raising at the same time the need to overthrow capitalism and build a Socialist United Federal Cyprus as part of a Socialist Federation of Europe and the Middle East on a voluntary basis.

Support our cause. Join us.

December 2019



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