Change the system not the climate!

The responsible for climate crisis – Governments, oil multinationals, lobby NGOs and other industries are meeting in the UN organised Conference of the Parties – COP26 to discuss how they will protect their profits from the need to act against climate change.

The Glasgow summit will be a repetition of big words and empty promises. The rich governments and multinationals that exploit humans and the planet for profit, have led the planet to this destructive situation.

They have denied to recognize the problem and to take measures against climate change soon enough, even though scientists and the movements are warning almost for half a century now. In all these summits they negotiate, not how they will reverse the situation but how they will secure their profits.

At the same time, their neoliberal policies that are implemented in all the countries destroy the public services that could protect the population from climate change, but also that could make the real changes in energy production, or farming that we need in order to stop the catastrophe.

The temperature of the planet has already risen to 1.1C above the pre-industrial levels, and all the planet is experiencing the destructive consequences: killer floods in Europe and China, heat waves in North America, damaging drought in Madagascar, and in our neighborhood – fires in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, and the hottest summer that Cyprus ever experienced.

However governments and multinationals continue to invest in fossil fuel, in new extractions, while they sell “green investments” only when its profitable for them, many times creating more destruction in the local environment.

This hypocrisy has its sole goal to save the companies and not the climate and has to stop today before its too late.

We will be on the streets, together with the million of people around the planet, to unite our voices!

Change the system not the climate!

End fossil energy dependence! Public investments in renewable energy sources, under the control and management of the society, not private profit.

Public ownership of the energy sector! end private ownership opportunism in energy by returning energy production and distribution to public ownership.

Leave it in the Ground: No new fossil fuel investments or infrastructure, not in Eastern Mediteranean or anywhere else.

Stop the destruction of the local and regional environment and ecosystem for energy projects. Investment in renewable energy sources through a plan that will really protect both the climate and the ecosystems of the planet. No more “green businessmen” and “green incentives” that destroy mountains and seas to plant wind turbines or solar panel parks.

In the distribution of energy, we must ensure energy justice by distribution according to social needs, not profit.


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