NEDA – Sosialist Alternative Summer Camp in Limnitis – Yesilirmak

For three days, from the 31st of August until the 2nd of September , working people and youth from north and south Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Kurdistan, England and Germany came together, in the summer Camp of NEDA.


It started on Friday, with the screening of the video displayed at the 2018 CWI summer school in Barcelona, featuring the activities of CWI members and sections in various parts of the world and a video about the 40 years of CWI, its origins and its theoretical and organisational basis which inspired the participants and introduced the discussion on what organisation we are building.

On Saturday, our comrades from Socialist Alternative, our sister organisation in Turkey, introduced the discussion about the developments and perspectives in Turkey after the coup and the reelection of Erdogan. The discussion atttracted great interest, as what we are learning from the media about Turkey does not give the clear picture of the situation in which working people have to live in Turkey, how they organise, or could organise and fight back.

On Saturday evening, Christos Ahniotis, presented his book, “The Cowards – the assasination of M”, a book about the stoning to death of a member of PEO, Savvas Menikos, which is one of the crimes of EOKA A’ which was never solved and unraveled, as most of the crimes of EOKA – first and second. The presentation opened a very lively discussion, on the importance of the left and bicommunal activists to unveil these kind of crimes in both communities (either made from EOKA or TMT) and say with clarity who is the real responsible for the conflict, and prepare to stop similar forces that are appearing in both communities today.

On Sunday the comrades from NEDA opened the discussion on the national question today and the positions of the left. Unavoitably the discussion was focused on Cyprus, however there are many lessons to be drawn from all national questions that are active today. At the same time, the german comrade added the historical aspect of how the Bolsevics dealed with the national question after the revolution, which is also very helpful for today. The Greek – Turkish capitalist relations was discussed, without which we cannot understand the conflicting and the irreconciable interests of the capitalists on the island. Comrades from Kurdistan, and Ireland came in the discussion bringing more details on their national questions but also comparing it to the situation in Cyprus. Especially the example of the national question of Northern Ireland, and the fact that after the “peace agreements” the seperation walls are multiplying, shows that even after an agreement between the capitalists there is no solusion on a national question.

The working people and the youth, who have nothing to divide, used to live together in peace, can do it again, as long as they organise, come together, and realise their need to take over the control of the society and the economy, take power and implement a solution, based on political equality, the respect of the right of self determination, and independence of any external force, which as NEDA think that can be matterialised through a United Socialist Federal Cyprus.

The camp was not only discussions and politics but also a lot of fun.

On Saturday night, Lucho and Varol from “Latin Gardaş” played latin music. All three days, we ate the collectively made food, we swam in the sea, hiked on the mountain and exchanged more ideas and experiences over a drink under the cool temperature of the eucalyptus trees.

On Sunday afternoon, after everything was packed, we renewed our meeting for next year.


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