International Working* Women’s Day 2018 – the Oppression, the rights, the representation, the emancipation.

Public discussion, at Meλtemι – centre for the movements the struggles and the arts, Thursday 15/3, at 19.30.

*historically this is the true origin of International Women’s Day. The capitalist institutions removed “working” from the title in an attempt to eliminate the context of class struggle and suggest that all women are basically the same.

Women in the world and in Cyprus are subject to violence in their families, by the state, in the streets, which is growing also from the escalation of the financial crisis, that has transformed into a social crisis. That has brought neoliberal attacks, but also the far right and fascism, and imperialist war across the world.

Internationally women will go on the streets against violence, sexism, racism, fascism, neoliberalism, but also against the capitalist system that breeds all of the above.

In Cyprus in both sides of the divide, women are organising and participating in several demonstrations and activities.

On the 8th of March, women in the north will demonstrate against fascism, reaction and war.

On the 10th of March women in the south will demonstrate for social justice and for the change in the law for legalisation regarding abortion, together with POGO and PEO, at 10.30 in front of the Ministry of Finance.

And at 12.00 the same day the Cyprus Women’s Lobby organises 1 billion rising.

These activities are very important for the stuggle for women’s rights.

They take the struggle from closed doors and lobbying, into the streets.

These actions are a big step forward, especially for women in the south, where traditionally celebrations for women’s day have been low key.

How do we take the struggle another step forward? Towards emancipation, for women to fight together, strong, united in solidarity? To put an end to the attacks women are being subject to everyday? And finally how can women organise and fight against the root of the problem which is patriarchy and the capitalist system?

Join us in a discussion on women’s oppression, women’s rights, representation and emancipation. What can we learn, north and south from the experience from international women’s struggle in the US, Poland, Turkey, Ireland?

lets organise
fight back​
resist and revolt.


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