They shall not pass: First victory of the anti-fascist movement in northern Nicosia!

Next action – Friday, 17.00 from Citroen in Dereboyu, northern Nicosia, calls the Trade Union Platform

On Monday, 22/1, far-right and fascist members and supporters protested outside the Parliament and the offices of Afrika, which they eventually vandalised. The reaction from anti-fascists was immediate.

The trigger for the attack was Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s statements on Afrikas’s Sunday’s newspaper article titled «Another Occupation by Turkey». Erdogan described the newspaper as «vulgar» and said, «I call on my brothers in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to react. They (Afrika) say the Turkish army, after Cyprus, had another occupation. How immoral is this? How disgusting! My brothers in the TRNC must provide the necessary response to this behaviour.

Initially, the supporters of the far-right and fascist organizations, as furious citizens, gathered outside the parliament to show their opposition to CTP’s MP Dogus Derya. This is not the first time that the MP has been targeted. It happened before, after her statements that Greek Cypriot women also had been raped in 1974, the president of the far-right YDP had threatened her life. This time, while reading her oath, the far-right MPs and supporters were in the parliament was booing her. When Dogus Derya finished her oath, she concluded by saying the chant “Shoulder to shoulder we will stand against fascism” and raised the sign of victory with her fingers.

The right wingers, also booed Akinci as he was trying to speak to the crowd in an attempt to calm them down.

Afterwards, the crowd, around 300 people, gathered in front of Afrika’s offices. Some people knocked down the newspaper’s sign, while many were throwing stones and eggs, sticks and whatever they could find in front of them, shouting slogans such as «Allah is Great», «You are Traitors of the Fatherland» and «You are the bastards of the Greek Cypriots».

The police, even though they had several forces in the area, merely observed, and did not proceed with arrests.

Photographs of the Afrika offices made the news all around the island, north and south. For a few hours, the feeling was that the far right and the fascists had won.

They shall not pass – counter demo was organized at 7pm

Early in the afternoon a call was made on social media, for solidarity outside Afrika newspaper at 7pm, with the slogan «They shall not pass«, as at 8pm it was expected that the far-right and the fascists would return.

More than 200 people from the north and south responded to the call.

A security chain was organised outside the offices of Afrika, and with very dynamic slogans, such as: «End the Occupation,» «Shoulder to Shoulder Against Fascism», «Hooray for the Brotherhood of People», «Long live Independent, United Cyprus» «Down with fascism.«, «Ankara take your hands off our neck.« and «Peace can not be prevented in Cyprus.«, they were all ready to face the far-right and the fascists.

The police this time arranged two files, preventing the two meetings from coming close together.

The far-right were just 70 people! But they were much clearer about their identity. From the outraged citizens that they were in the morning, in the afternoon they carried the flags of the Grey Wolves, they all made the grey wolf symbol with their fingers, and they chanted slogans such as «Cyprus is Turkish and Turkish will remain» and even their leader read the oath of the Grey Wolves to the media!














The chants from the antifascists drowned out those of the fascists.

After about an hour, the right-wingers decided to leave.


The mobilization on Monday was a first victory of the anti-fascist movement. Let it be just the beginning!

On Friday, the Trade Union Platform, is calling for another demonstration at 15.30 in the city centre, to walk for 

Peace and Democracy.

It is very important for all of us, from north and south to participate in the demonstration, against fascism, against the war and in solidarity.


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