10 January – the people can bring peace and reunification!


Peace and reunification comes from the people and not from the leaders.

NEDA participates in the mobilisation on Tuesday, and calls everyone to join us so that we can put in practice the reunification of our country that we want! To declare united our will for peace and a decent life. To send a message to the nationalists in the south that spread the lies that the majority of the people does not want reunification, and a message to the far right elements that have started to appear in the north, and think that they can silence at their will whoever fights for peace, against the regime in turkey, and against the infringement of human rights, as it was shown from the deportation of Sansal and the attack to KTOS, that their attitude will not pass.

We come together because we have common interests – the reunification of the island, the collaboration of the people, the development of our common lives, and peace on the island.

see more – https://nedacy.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/an-oi-igetes-den-theloun-i-den-mporoun-to-ergatiko-kinima-mporei-na-epanenwsei-tin-kypro/





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