Down with Neoliberalism – Capitalism destroys our lives – We fight to build a socialist society!

NEDA is participating in the Mayday demonstration, on Sunday 1st of May. 
we will walk with the turkish cypriot trade unions and the left, from Kugulu Park, at 6pm, to Ledra Palace where we will meet the greek cypriots. 

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The neoliberal attacks in both the Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot sides are common:

  • Privatisation of electricity, telecommunications, health and ports
  • Cuts in the salaries, in the pensions, in the welfare system
  • In the private sector the situation is worse with the blessings of the governments: there is no minimum wage any more, no more 8 hour working day, no security and no protection. Even the right to be unionised is attacked.


All these attacks are happening with the excuse of the governments of not having money for us – …. And in order to take money as loans from Turkey and Troika they have to implement cuts! It’s a vicious circle in order to sell everything, to make sure the rich make super profits, and take away all the rights of the working people that our forefathers fought with strikes to win…


Unfortunately the traditional left (AKEL and CTP) does not propose an alternative. Maybe they say they are against austerity, maybe they organise some demonstrations. But they don’t trust the working people and the society to mobilise them or call for strikes. They know that if the working people show their power, they can change the situation. But the traditional left does not believe in an alternative, other than managing the capitalist system – being in the parliament and in the governments for so many years they have become one with the system. They believe in “better agreements” “better protocols” and “better memoranda” but they don’t see that this is not happening because the ruling class – facing a severe economic crisis internationally –  is ruthless! The ruling elites do not care about workers or human rights! They care only for their profits and they have started a vicious war against the working people which needs to be answered!


There is an alternative!  

  • Money for the salaries, the pensions etc, can be found in the unpaid taxes of the multinationals, the offshore companies, the casinos, the private universities, the building companies that come and work on the island tax free! – Tax the rich! Now!
  • Money for investment are in the banks that were refinanced with money from Turkey and Troika in the form of a debt for the working people to pay, through the cuts in their salaries, pensions and welfare! These banks belong to the society! They need to be nationalised, under workers’ and society’s control and management. With capital control and the use of their assets to create investments to create growth in the society and not to make super profits for the bankers, to build new infrastructure, create new jobs for all the unemployed.
  • The same should apply to all the important sectors of the economy. They cannot be under private hands. This goes for ports and airports, universities, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, the gas industry, and lately the water project.


Based on these measures and on a planned economy, unemployment and poverty will belong to the past, health and prosperity can come. These measures are not at all implemented under capitalism. These measures are a description of socialism, and in the conditions of crisis we are living in, are measures in order for the working people to survive.


Reformists like Tsipras in Greece fall in the trap of the system to say that these measures are impossible, because they are not willing to clash with the interests of the big business. Parties like his, reproduce the idea of TINA – There Is No Alternative – but in reality there is.


We need a society run by the 99% of the people, and run for the needs of the 99% of the people. So we need also a new left, that will not hesitate to clash with the interests of the capitalists in order to put forward policies for the rights of the people. A left that will be democratic in its internal functioning and fight for a democratic socialist change. A left that will be against nationalism and fascism and work internationally together with the left and the workers movements in Turkey, Greece, Europe and the world, for a socialist federal Cyprus in a socialist federal Europe and Middle East, and a socialist world.


The traditional left, but also other, Stalinist left groups, may say that first we need to fight to unite the island and then for any socialist transformation of the society. We answer, that the same conflicting interests of the ruling capitalists that do not allow them to reach a compromise on the National Question and unite the island, these same interests are the ones that want us exploited and impoverished. The struggle for uniting the island and the socialist transformation has to go hand in hand. Once there are no capitalist interests involved, the working people themselves can find a solution of living together.The capitalists through nationalism, racism, fascism will continue to create division.


Join us in our struggle against capitalist exploitation for a socialist transformation of the society, for a socialist federal Cyprus in a socialist federal world.



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