Solidarity to the refugees! No to Fortress Europe! No to War!

NEDA is participating to the protest – solidarity action today 12 of September in front of the Presidential Palace at 7pm


The huge wave of refugees from Syria moving towards Europe, from sea or land has come across the fierceness of fortress Europe, with boats being reported to be sinked by the patrols, and police and migration officers beating up refugees in the borders of Hungary. Millions are spent in FRONTEX – the EU border patrol but there are no money when it comes to giving shelter to the refugees, which they keep in concentration camps with no health care or enough supplies to cover their needs.

The policy of closed embassies and not giving Entry Visas in Syria and other countries where refugees have gone since 2011, and Turkey not giving Exit Visas for refugees to leave, as happened to Aylan Kurdi, by taking the legal path has led these refugees in the hands of smugglers who for a small fortune let them drawn in the waters of Mediterranean and walk for miles in hunger and exhaustion between the borders of the European countries.

This is not the Europe that we want! This is not the society we want!

The one that has an open border policy for big business and businessmen but has closed borders for refugees that are fleeing from countries that EU is partly responsible for their wars and devastation.

The Europe we want is the Europe of solidarity and the movements!

People all over Europe has shown great solidarity. Pictures that we will not see in the news, of people, in Greece and other countries that are already hit by austerity of the memorandums and the European policies, offering from the little they have, clothes, food and shelter. This is the Europe of the solidarity we need.

Grand asylum to all refugees!

Only recently some of the refugees were rescued from the republic of Cyprus. It’s a question how only now we have one more boat after the last one was only a year ago, since we are so close to Syria. The news of the harsh asylum system that is put in practice must have reached long ago the refugees. No wonder most of them want to leave the island. From the 115 refugees only 20 applied for asylum.

The policies of RoC for asylum, the EU policies in reality, do not grant asylum to almost anyone! The last ten years only about 300 refugees were granted asylum even though since 2008 many of the refugees from the Middle East and Asia were coming and applying. A big number of them were deported! Many of them facing even prison in their countries, but RoC didn’t care! The rest were living with their cases pending, or with supplementary protection, fully dependent to the welfare system as they didn’t have any right to work, or even without any welfare benefit pushed to work illegally and living in poverty, and with no travel documents to be able to leave Cyprus. They were and are living in an open prison. That was the plan of the governments, left and right wing, in order to stop the refugees from coming to Cyprus! But was the refugees choice to come to Cyprus? Or is it the fault of Cyprus that they were coming?

No to war!

RoC is partly responsible for the refugee wave! Unfortunately RoC is taking part in most of the invasions organized in the Middle East and Asia. They give land and water without any resistance every time the US or EU countries ask to use the military bases for invasions.

With the excuse to have allies to solve the national question the RoC government have been befriending with the most harsh dictators like Assad in Syria or Kadafi ex dictator in Libya, make business in Iraq and now has as a best ally the killer government of Israel.

Now EU’s hypocrisy is ready to use the refugee wave in order to launch an attack to Syria, to stabilize the country! We are sure that RoC will once more bring no resistance in providing their military bases. Only a movement strong and massive can stop them, and this movement has to be build from us, the people!

For a movement to fight for solidarity, peace, and a new society!

The power to change is only in the hands of the people, of these people that showed their solidarity every day and today, in every country in Europe. The hands of the working people, unemployed and the youth.

These movements need to continue, cannot stop in showing material solidarity now. We need to create movements that will create real welcoming societies in our countries. Movements that will fight racism and nationalism and build a society of brotherhood and trust, a socialist society.

Movements that will fight:

  • Against fortress Europe! No more killings in the Mediterranean and the land borders of Europe.

  • Against the racist asylum laws that are applied from RoC and the other European countries like Doublin II.

  • No to quota! Refugees are people – not numbers! EU says now that will only take 160.000 refugees which is nothing concerned that there are 9 million refugees searching for shelter since 2011!

  • NO MORE WAR! No participation of RoC to any wars and invasions!

  • Against the imprisonment of the refugees. Open the doors to all NGOS, political organizations, lawyers, relatives and people that want to visit the refugees. The refugees have to have a right to contact with whoever they want.

  • For respect to the decisions of the refugees if they want to stay or go from Cyprus. If the refugees want to leave, the government to take care of their trip, with the funds of the EU, to move them to other European countries. In case they send them through the north, make sure that they will have the rights appointed there, and a safe journey. Green card to all of them so that they can move and live in any place they want in Europe.

  • For granting full asylum to all refugees that wish to stay in Cyprus, with full rights of employment, heath, education, housing and travel with equal rights and liabilities as Cypriot workers. No supplementary protection no other intermediate permit that will transform them to prisoners of the welfare state and illegal employment.

For a society that will be run for the interests of the people and not big business! That its interest will be peace and prosperity for all and not how big business can take advantage of the oil and reconstruction after a war. A society that would work under the control and management of the working people and youth, the majority of the people, in full transparency and for all people and all in need, a socialist society.

Let’s build this movement! Let the 12th of September be a beginning! Join us in our struggle!



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