North Cyprus: Turkish Cypriot working people demand the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish warships

Hasan Kanay, Ilknur Turkmen, Mete Girne

Block 12_550x300The negotiations for the national question stopped on the 7th of October and since then most of the media and the parties, accuse and call Anastasiades to come back to the table as if he had no reason to leave. At the same time, Eroglu is promoting scenarios and accuse him, that Anastasiades wanted to leave because he does not want to enter the give and take process, which may be true, however the TRNC government is not unaccountable of what has happened.

By saying this, there is no intention to say that Anastasiades was right, but the way that TRNC government and the political parties gave in to the wills of Turkey is unprecedented and we cannot accept it.

The excuse that the g/c ruling class used in order to stop the negotiations was the fact that Turkish warships are in the area of RoCs EEZ, and that it was announced that at the 20th of October there will be seismic exploration from Turkey inside the EEZ of RoC.

Turkey felt that their interests are threatened in the area. What Turkey is doing today, is not something new. It is based on the maritime agreement that Turkish Government signed with TRNC for the Turkish oil company TPAO (Turkey Petroleri Anonim Ortakligi), to do seismic exploration and drillings around Cyprus and on the ground of North Cyprus.


In 2011, CTP and TDP disagreed with the agreement and did not vote for it, declaring that “the agreement does not protect the rights and interests of the t/c” and that it will “create difficulties in the solution process”. However today, CTP is the one that puts the agreement in practice, and even supports the actions of Turkey!


Moreover, through their Minister of Foreign Affairs,Ozdil Nami, they declared that they called Turkey to start the seismic exploration!

Decisions like that, made from the CTP coalition government, and others like putting in practice the migration act, promoting cuts to the public spending and continuing with the privatizations process, show that CTP has shifted their goal, from fighting for the interests of the t/c working people to supporting the interests of the t/c and Turkish capital and ruling classes.

Unfortunately the rest of the leftist parties limited their declarations to calls for Anastasiades to come back to the negotiation table, without criticizing either the actions of Turkey either the actions of the t/c government! The only party that did a difference was BKP who, even belated, called for turkey to take their warships out of the EEZ, and characterized TRNC government as following the demands of AKP.

The t/c working people need a party that will stand without any hesitation against the orders of Turkey and in the side of the t/c working people. A leftist workers party that will be fighting for the unification of the island and for a society working not for the profit of multinationals and big capitalists but for the interests of the majority of the society, the working people.

Such a party would declare on the particular development:

  • For the warships of Turkey to be withdrawn immediately.
  • For the cancelation of the maritime agreement of 2011 and the cancelation of all protocols and packets, like the immigration act, that deteriorates our lives, and push us to emigration.
  • For turkey to go out of Cyprus – for a peaceful, just and viable solution.

The fact that the negotiations stopped shows how easy is for them, the ruling parties and the interests that they represent, to blow up / call off the negotiation process whenever one of their interests is in danger.  If they wanted to solve the national question they would have done it many years ago. On the contrary, every few years, one of the leaders stops the negotiations, and then they start again. It’s obvious one more time now, that they are not able or willing to find a solution.

It is clear that this government and this presidency do not represent us!

We as t/c working people, need another process of negotiation, we need another society.

The t/c left and unions need to start to collaborate with the g/c left and unions and create a united front in order to find a solution to the national question and build another society. Through this process, through committees in all cities and villages, with the active participation of g/c and t/c working people, they should start the negotiations of what kind of solution we want. Without guarantors, in political equality and respect, to built together a society for the interests of the people and not the profit of the multinationals and the big capital, a society that the natural wealth, and the wealth we produce belongs to all the working people, g/c and t/c.




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